Five indicators of an impending break-up

Five indicators of an impending break-up Source: Ott Mag

Break-ups can be some of the most painful events in a person life. While over time people’s feelings often heal, no one wants to go through the crushing event. While actively aiming to avoid a break-up is one of the ways to make it happen. Picking up on the warning signs can keep you up-to-date on the temperature of the relationship, and whether a break up is imminent. Here are five indicators of an impending break-up.

  1. Routine changes

Showing less interest in spending time together and changes to a couple’s routine can be indicators of issues in the relationship. While you shouldn’t freak out over every change in your normal and expected schedule, this can certainly be a huge hint.

  1. Lack of physical intimacy

Intimacy can be one of the best gauges of the health of a relationship. Severe changes in this are a huge warning sign that a relationship is changing.

  1. Partner Distancing

The feeling of a partner distancing themselves can be the most painful of all. If you notice your partner seems to be receiving and sending calls that cannot be explained or if your partner leaves the room to make or take calls but can also be a huge sign that the relationship is on rocky ground.

  1. Friends of partner distance

If you can notice friends of your partner distancing themselves or avoiding you, it may be a red flag for an impending break up. This is also the hardest flag to read.

  1. Body Language

While this is the most vague, it is also the most immediate. A change in body language with your partner near you can indicate underlying issues and the cause of uneasiness.  


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